Ron and Gwen Smith

About Us

American Achievers, LLC has developed and is marketing Greenway Formula 7 using a UNIQUE business model to bring our products to market. American Achievers was formed in 2012 and it is our belief that this model is the fastest way to bring a dynamic product like Greenway Formula 7 to the general public. We believe that our distributors are best equipped to find end users who will benefit from this product and we have built a marketing plan that will reward them for their efforts.


Greenway Formula 7 has many applications for home, travel and pets and the best part is..... it’s all natural and non-toxic. There are no chemicals or pesticides used in our products, making them exempt from FDA and EPA registration. We have been lab tested by the Entomology Department at a major university and Greenway Formula 7 was proven to be 100% effective in killing ticks and bed bugs within 24 to 48 hours of exposure. Our personal experience has shown Greenway Formula 7 to be effective on many other insects as well and we’re currently working on those test.