Ron and Gwen Smith

Meet The Team

Tony Ingle – COO
Tony is responsible for the creation of Greenway Formula 7. He has over 27 years of experience in a variety of different businesses representing many products and marketing plans. He has reached some of the highest levels of several different sales organizations.
Tony's passion for natural products had its beginning over ten years ago when he discovered that his daughter suffered from breathing problems. Through his research, he learned that dust mites were irritating the issue so he set out to create an ALL NATURAL product to help eliminate the problem. His attempt was more successful that he would have ever imagined. In short, he discovered that the product he created was effective at killing not only dust mites but most insects, including the dreaded "bedbug". It was at that point that Tony, realizing the growing bedbug problems and the public's continued dissatisfaction for chemicals, decided to make his new product available to the public. In an effort to support his discovery with scientific validation, rather than simple field observations, Tony asked Oklahoma State University to test the product. Their determination was that Greenway Formula 7 kills ticks and bedbugs, 100% within 24 to 48 hours. Greenway Formula 7 now offers the opportunity for many to create a business of their own and to help bring our products and solutions to the general public.
Tony is married to Michelle and has 6 kids ranging from 8 to 26.