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Pet Use

It’s true! We love our pets and so do ticks and fleas; it has been that way for some time now. We spend a lot of money on dipping, collars and sprays which is expensive and in some cases can have an unwanted long-term health impact to our dogs and cats. So is there an all natural way to control ticks and fleas that won’t cost an arm or a leg?

American Achievers, LLC would like to introduce you to Greenway Formula 7 an all natural product for dogs and cats that has been proven 100% effective to kill ticks and control fleas. The best part is your pet will smell great. Just spray your pets, working the spray closer to their skin, on paws and back where ticks like to congregate. Also spray bedding and mats where pets enter the house from being outside. Greenway Formula 7 is safe to spray on furniture and will not stain.

Greenway Formula 7 was tested and proven effective by the Entomology Department at Oklahoma State University to be 100% effective in killing ticks and is safe to use on pets. You may order a 16oz spray bottle of Greenway Formula 7 and begin using an all natural product that will help keep your pets and your home safe from unwanted pests like ticks.


Protect Your Best Friend, Your Pet!

Use Greenway Formula 7 and see the difference !!