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Recreational/Outdoor Use

Whether you’re planning a picnic, campout, hunting or fishing trip; the last thing you want to worry about is pests like flies, knats, spiders and ticks. If you’re like me, I’m mosquito bait waiting to mow the lawn or play ball with my kids. The dread of being eaten up makes the experience less than what it could be.

That was before American Achievers, LLC introduced Greenway Formula 7!! Now, you can spray an all natural insect repellant that is University tested and proven effective to repel and kill ticks and other pests. Just apply to clothes prior to going out and you can enjoy the great outdoors without fears of being the next meal for an unwanted parasite. The best part is Greenway Formula 7 is all natural. No more worries about the use of pesticides or chemicals, who knows how long they stay in your system or how they may be effecting your long-term health.

If you are camping out, spray your tent, sleeping bag, outdoor tables and chairs to create a strong defense against unwanted insects and pests. Made from Clove Oil, Greenway Formula 7 has been proven effective in killing ticks and other insects and acts as an excellent repellant as well.

Try this all natural product that will help make your outdoor adventures a memory and not a nightmare. Greenway Formula 7 can be ordered on this website and shipped direct to you.


Make Recreational Activity Truly a Time to Recreate!

Use Greenway Formula 7 and see the difference!