Ron and Gwen Smith


►Outdoor Pest Repellent:  After using Greenway Formula 7's Outdoor Insect Repellent almost every day for a week in Ghana, I loved the product very much and, had no problems with mosquitoes or flying insects (and to think I almost brought along an electronic repellent product but was told by my hosts that only sprays in this environment actually work).

Now I normally don't like the smell of similar products and which usually get very sticky especially in hot weather but this Greenway Formula 7 outdoor insect spray was very smooth, very light, and very organic feeling which is what i liked the most about it.

We have a Pomeranian that will be 15 years old this spring. A couple of years ago he developed seizures caused by using Frontline. He also lost all his under fur. We tried everything trying to find a solution for fleas. We live in the country with lots of wildlife, and LOTS of fleas. Being desperate for a flea solution I purchased a pint bottle of GF7 Flea and Tick. Frontline cost's over $100.00 every 3 months for 2 dogs. Our $25.00 bottle of Greenway Formula 7 is going to last about 6 months for TWO dogs. What a deal. Flea problem solved and we save over $175.00 every 6 months. 

Fleas…Ear Mites…Round worms on Kitten

 I want to give you an update on the use of your product. Sam (my fiance) and I were on the beach in Panama City Beach, FL. We came across a kitten that was in very poor condition. He couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 weeks old and he was very sick. He had fleas, ear mites, and appeared to be starving to death. We decided to name him "Starvin' Marvin" As far as starving goes, Wal-Mart had an answer for that on the pet food isle. However, I was unable to find anything to kill the fleas that said it was safe for kittens this young. I didn't know what to do because I did not have the money to take him to the vet. When I got home, the Greenway Formula 7 had just been delivered and was on my doorstep. I remembered you telling me how safe it was and, since my options were so limited, I decided to spray the kitten with the new product. Much to my surprise, most of the fleas were dead in a matter of minutes. By the next morning, all of the fleas were dead. This is not the end of the story though. The Greenway Formula 7 killed the ear mites as well. Little Starvin' Marvin suffered no side effects, however, since he licked a lot of the product off of him after being sprayed, the round worms, which we did not know about, died along with the fleas and ear mites. Thank you so much for being prompt in sending the product. I know Marvin thanks you and Greenway Formula 7.

Alex Rector, Panama City, Florida


Fleas and Ticks

Before I found the Greenway Formula 7 Flea and Tick spray, I knew my two cats, moving indoors and outdoors all of the time, were unhappy - unhappy with the fleas and ticks and unhappy with any other product I tried. Sensing I was about to put Frontline on their back, they would both head to the nearest exit. Another topical product actually created bald spots on their necks. The hair took months to grow back. And they just wouldn't wear collars. Now they have no fleas and ticks and they don't mind at all getting sprayed with a delightful clove scent. Sometimes I spray a cloth, so as not to get it in their eyes, and rub it all over them. I am amazed at how they seem to like it. My family loves the scent too.

Caroline N., Nashville, TN



I have three Chihuahuas and a flea problem began August or September of 2012. I used a 16 oz. flea and tick spray on my pets, then throughout the house. Within one week the problem was solved and my house smelled wonderful.

Karen Smith Pearson



I live in a tick infested area, I have two dogs that are in and out of the house. Since using Greenway Formula 7 tick and flea, I’ve noticed ticks trying to get off my dogs as well as not as many getting on. I look forward to even more positive experiences as flea season comes on. I’m excited that I have a healthy, safe alternative for my dogs and that will also make for a healthier household for my family.

Pete K


Fleas & Ticks

I used to use Diatomaceous Earth on my cat for fleas and ticks. It worked well but caused matting of his long fur and dried out a little. I use Greenway now. His fur looks groomed and no fleas or ticks. I have to use an eye-dropper bottle because he hates the spray sound.

Vincent Smith


I live in rural Northern Minnesota and am an avid outdoorsman. I have 3 hunting dogs, 2 Weimaraners and a chocolate lab. In our area, Deer Ticks and Wood Ticks are very common and carry a disease commonly known as Lyme disease. Lyme disease causes paralysis and neurological damage. It not only affects humans but even more so, dogs and cats. After watching some of my dogs suffer with the disease and wanting to protect them, but do it without using products full of pesticides, I was searching for an alternative. That’s when a friend introduced me to Greenway formula 7 and I’m pleased to say that I no longer need to use the name brand chemical pesticides.

 I was amazed at how quickly the ticks died after spraying the dogs. It happened almost instantly. I now give the dogs a light spray down of Greenway formula 7 about once a week and keep the dogs free from problems.

 Looking back, I wonder if the problem was the tick bites or the chemicals I put on my dogs.

 If you’re a dog owner, I would recommend the use of Greenway formula 7 over any chemical pest control product that may kill the ticks but also shorten your dog's life.

 It’s nice to know that Greenway formula 7 is 100% safe to you and mans best friend.

Frank, Minnesota



Have you ever read the “warning label” on the back of a product that you were going to put on your beloved pet? Scary! Greenway Formula 7 is safe, for my pets, I don’t have to wear rubber gloves to apply and my dogs don’t get crazy trying to run off the stuff you put between their shoulders just to kill the fleas. I don’t have to buy a flea bomb to treat my house. Greenway Formula 7 works on my animals and their bedding, no need to buy several different products to kill the fleas.

Kyle Hanni


We have been using frontline on our dogs at $56.95 per dose and our dogs were still infested with fleas to the point that they were losing their hair. After a week of using Greenway Formula 7 flea and tick, they were flea free and their hair was coming back.

Alicia Miller


I first tried Greenway flea and tick right after some friends came to visit from Nebraska. They brought their dog and along with him, some nasty Nebraska fleas. I tried several products with little satisfaction. I then acquired Greenway Formula 7 flea and tick spray which I promptly went out and sprayed my dog and his bedding. The next day I checked my dog and he had no fleas on him. They were all dead in his bedding. I checked again in two weeks and still no fleas and he has not had any since.

Ron Smith


I live on 10 acres and have a terrible problem with ticks. Almost every time I and my pets go outside we pick up ticks. I sprayed my animals two months ago and still to this day they are tick free. In addition to that, every insect I have sprayed with Greenway Formula 7 has died within two minutes or less.

Nathan Carter

Bed Bugs

Dear Ms. Spengler,
You treated Ross' apartment this week. After so many unsuccessful previous treatments with chemicals, I am surprised and pleased that he is reporting his bedbug problem resolved!!!! I found you to be an amazing sales person, who obviously believes in Greenway Formula 7. I did not think that without chemical treatment, we would see results.
 Thank you so much. Because of Ross' success with this problem, I will definitely be recommending you !!!!!!
 You really went above and beyond with this case. I appreciate all your hard work.
 Sincerely, Molly - HCV Coordinator

Bed Bugs

My husband is a mentor for seventeen young boys. A set of brothers had bed bugs in their home. They transferred the bugs to our Chevy pickup. We did not realize we had bed bugs until we saw the news story on KFOR in OKC, December 2012. My husband shaved all his hair off because he felt they were crawling all over his head. I didn’t even want to sleep in the same bed with him because I didn’t know what he had. He had many bumps and bites and after he scratched them, they got even worse. After using Greenway, we had nothing but success. Thanks so much!

Melissa Willis

Bed Bugs

I had a tenant in a rental property that got bed bugs. I found Greenway Formula 7 at the State Fair in Tulsa. My tenants had great success with the product and I became excited!!

Deb Crater


Bed Bugs

Daughter, Andi, does in-home healthcare and often finds herself exposed to bed bugs. The travel size does such a great job keeping her bed bug free. Now all her co-workers are using Greenway Formula 7 for the same and a couple were able to eliminate infestations in their home afterwards. All are so grateful!!

Bonni Korcok

Bed Bugs

One evening, while watching the news, a story broke that an apartment had a bad bug infestation. I went to the apartment first thing the next morning. The city of OKC had given them orders to get rid of the bed bugs. The apartment manager took some of our product and sprayed one of the rooms with success. I made my first sale that day!

Clarence Harmon


Just recently received my Greenway product package!  I cannot tell you what it means to me for my home to be environmentally safe. Late afternoon, I sprayed my office and library with the Household Greenway Formula 7. Before bedtime, I walked in to turn off the computer, and when the light was turned on, I saw a big medium to large black spider about half-way up to the ceiling so I knew that its living quarters, which were usually the corners or baseboards where they stay, was no longer comfortable for it.  I have found the product to be effective, while just spraying the corners of the baseboards in each room... I do keep a very clean environment, however, knowing the product is working and revealing what I was not aware of was great information.  I love the effectiveness of the products and its natural safety aspect...  I love Greenway Formula7! 

J. Cornette



I sprayed my home after purchasing Greenway Formula 7. We had an issue with Brown Recluse spiders, ants, and Wolf spiders. While we found plenty of dead insects, we have not seen a live one in over 60 days. WE will continue to use this product as it is safe, non-toxic and most of all it works.

Mark S



Recently we had several spiders around our house and took the household formula to spray them and it killed the spiders. We also had a black widow on the porch and sprayed the black widow and it killed it in about a minute.

Glen and Tamera Shook


In the summer of 2012 I got bitten by a Brown Recluse spider in four places on my body. I was able to cure it naturally without any loss of flesh but I did not want to get bitten again. I sprayed the base boards, under our chairs and under the bed with Greenway Formula 7. I have not been bitten since. I have not even seen a spider. I will spray the house again so I do not re-experience this in the summer of 2013.

Dan Solloway


After seventeen years in our home roaches showed up. My son Nathan told me about Greenway Formula 7. I got a bottle, set my alarm for 4 a.m. In the dark I shook up my bottle, flipped on the lights, sprayed 22 roaches in and around the kitchen sink. Within five minutes all 22 roaches met their maker. The bottle was returned safely to its holster and I slept happily ever after.

Daryl Carter


My son stopped home one day from college and mentioned his friend had roaches in his apartment. I gave him a small bottle of Bug Repellent to give to his friend. A couple of weeks later I called the friend. He said he sprayed once and boom!! DEAD!!

Carol Gallo


A friend called me and said she was going to St Maarten. Visitors were being warned to not visit the island due to a problem with gnats, and mosquitoes that carry a disease that is making people sick. I sent her products and this is the text she just sent.
“I am using this place as my laboratory. There was an infestation of gnats on our boat. In 24 hours there were almost none. After 48 hours only 2 or 3. Today NONE!”
“Next, my neighbor was standing in her kitchen and was swarmed with mosquitoes. I sprayed HER and they started falling to the ground.“
So the next step is to get signed up. These are wonderful products.”


Two weeks ago I went over to a friends place to cut firewood. It was a warm day and the mosquitoes and flies were pretty bad. I experimented that day and for the first couple of hours I had no bug spray on and I was getting eaten up. I then put on the Greenway Formula 7 bug repellent. I was given immediate relief and had no problems for the rest of the day.

Ron Smith

Mosquitoes…Palmetto bugs

I've tried two of the products. The insect repellants works great and has only a slight clove smell. I applied it before going outdoors to garden and had not one bite. Usually I get lots of bites gardening, so I can't do it very long for that reason. But with this repellant I was perfectly comfortable. As an aside, a friend of mine has an organic gardening shop and nursery and I stopped to visit. I mentioned the insect repellant, and my success with it, and she said, "Oh, we have one that is all organic and made locally." I put on one squirt and didn't like the fragrance. This fragrance lasted for hours. I felt totally comfortable having Greenway Formula 7 on my body. I also tried the household spray because we have palmetto bugs in the kitchen. They come out at night. Usually I will go in the kitchen at night and they will be scurrying around. The first night we got our Greenway Formula 7, we sprayed the counters and other areas where they were running around. They left immediately and I haven't seen a palmetto bug since. It's a very effective repellant AND I feel totally comfortable spraying it in the kitchen on the counters. Just has a very pleasant clove smell, like cookies baking.

D. D., Florida


We had flies around the outside trash can. After spraying the household spray, they flew off and haven’t had a problem since.

Nathan Shook

Flies…Gnats…Ticks on large animals

Greenway Formula 7 Rancher Pest Repellent is great!  Our cattle were being eaten up by flies, gnats and we had a tick problem.  In early August, we ran twenty calves through the chute to check them for pink eye. Since we had one calf in isolation with an infection, we decided we would mist it and a few others with Greenway Formula 7 Rancher Pest Repellent.  In mid November we noticed a major difference between the calves we treated and those that we didn't spray. The calves we had treated didn't have fly, gnat or tick issues.  Keep in mind it had been a pretty dry year, we did receive some rain during this time frame but not much.  We couldn't believe how effective Rancher Pest Repellent worked, especially since it had rained.  

Thanks Greenway Formula 7.

CR-Guthrie, OK 


I first heard of Greenway on the first of December and was anxious to get the word out about a product that would eliminate those pesky little insects with a NATURAL product. I really wanted to watch something die, but since it was December, there was little chance to find a bug. I was so pleased when I recently had my chance. My wife let me know, in a rather alarming, anxious voice that she had spotted a Scorpion. I was quick with my product and in less than three minutes, with just a quick mist, our Scorpion friend was no longer with us. The only thing left was a proper burial, which he did get. One thing is for sure, Greenway Formula 7 kills Scorpions.

Dean, Tulsa, Ok.


My mother in law has 20 chickens that she uses to raise eggs. All are naturally fed. The chickens had a problem with mites and were losing feathers. Since she can’t use pesticides, and will not use them because of her grandchildren, she treated the chickens with the Greenway Formula 7. The mites are gone and the chickens are growing back their feathers.

Manny Acosta

Thankful for Greenway Formula 7.  First product though to make it to help everyone-pets included.  I love telling people about the product.  No one I can't talk to.  Men, women, old, young, pet lovers, travelers, etc. 

Tony, Nancy